Mitt Romney, at Wednesday’s CNN debate in Arizona.

Hey, you know what prevents unwanted pregnancy? This.

Love the insinuation that poverty IS child abuse. And the racism. That throwaway remark is quite possibly one of the worst things to come out of last night’s debate.

I could say more, but Elon James White said it much better than I ever could:

I salute you, sir.

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Elon James - consistently one of the few reasons I consider returning to Twitter (via angryfuckingliberal)

Mittens R-Money, no. Just no.

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"among certain ethnic groups" Hey, Mitt? Why don’t you fuck off?

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When you have 40 percent of kids being born out of wedlock, and among certain ethnic groups the vast majority being born out of wedlock, you ask yourself, how are we going to have a society in the future? Because these kids are raised in poverty in many cases, they’re in abusive settings. The likelihood of them being able to finish high school or college drops dramatically in single-family homes. And we haven’t been willing to talk about this.